The Best Natural Remedies for Toenail Fungus

The Best Natural Remedies for Toenail Fungus

Jennifer shares the best natural remedies for toenail fungus that worked for her so that you can enjoy happier and healthier nails too.

For more than six years, I was dealing with toenail fungus on my big left toe. While the nail would naturally start to heal each summer, unfortunately, the healthy nail only grew back half way up. It was great to see that the bottom part of the nail was fungus free, but I wanted to find a permanent solution so that the top half could be healthy too. 

I also noticed that as the weather got cooler in the fall and winter, the fungus would once again take over the whole nail. It was a frustrating experience and I was desperate to heal my toenail once and for all. 

In this post, I’m going to share what worked and what didn’t work for me. I hope that by sharing some natural home remedies for toenail fungus infection, you’ll be able to have healthier toenails too. 

Remedies I Tried to Heal Toenail Fungus 

Over the past few years, I tried a few different ways to heal my toenail fungus completely. Regular nail polish made no change, so then I tried this special fungus nail polish by Dr. Remedy Nail Polish. Eventually, I tried tea tree oil which is known for its antifungal and antiseptic abilities. I also tried oregano oil because of its antibacterial properties. Last but not least, I used coconut oil which is a popular alternative remedy for treating infections and injuries. To try treating toenail fungus using these different oils, simply apply the oil to the affected nail twice a day using a cotton swab. Sadly I saw no changes with these remedies.

What Clears Toenail Fungus?

Eventually, I realized that my nail was trying to heal itself each summer so I tried to recreate the summer healing. What was I doing differently each summer vs winter? To start with, living in Canada meant that my toes were exposed in sandals during the summer and covered up with socks in the winter. Being cold natured, I wasn’t prepared to expose my toes in our dry, cold winters, so what to do? I realized I had to create hydrated summer feet, but without humidity which fungus loves and thrives on. This is what worked: 

Daily Cleaning

To keep my toenails clean, I made sure to thoroughly wash them with a mild, natural soap every day in the shower. When I was finished washing, it was important to dry them well using a towel making sure there was no residual dampness.

Moisturizing with a Natural Cream

To keep my toes and toenails well moisturized, I applied the Organic Manuka Skin Soothing Cream all over my feet, toes and cracked skin. I love this cream because I’m a big believer in clean beauty and I’m very careful about keeping away from products that contain harsh chemicals or toxins. A lot of people swear by Vicks Vapor Rub for treating nail fungus, but I just couldn't imagine putting that stuff with the long list of chemical ingredients on my feet personally. So back to the Manuka Cream - made with just six ingredients, this oil-based balm ticks all the boxes. It’s 100% natural, perfect for sensitive skin, and dermatologist tested and approved. I also love that it’s made with Manuka oil which is more potent than tea tree oil when battling bacteria and fungus – perfect for my condition! 

Wearing Protective Socks

In addition to practicing good foot hygiene and keeping up a natural skincare routine, I also wore these healing Remedywear socks. The socks, which were originally created for treating eczema and psoriasis, turn out to have another use. Treating toenail fungus!  Why did they work? Because they are made with a blend of antibacterial and antifungal zinc and moisture-wicking tencel. Honestly, these socks were a game changer. As an added bonus, they are also great at preventing smelly, stinky feet!

I’m happy to report that I started this routine Sept 2020 and by May 2021, my fungus was 100% gone. Nails take a long time to grow, more so with fungus, so I had to wait very patiently. But it was worth it. The dead part of my nail has fully grown out and a new healthy nail has replaced it completely and stayed. Yippee! Going forward, I plan to keep up this routine and revel in the beauty of my healthy toenails :)