Do You Need Help with Night Sweats?

Do You Need Help with Night Sweats?

We’re sharing the best moisture-wicking pajamas to help you combat night sweats so that you can enjoy a more comfortable sleep.

It’s natural to sweat during the night. But if you’re waking up with excessive perspiration, so much so that you regularly wake up with soaking wet sheets, you may need additional help to manage symptoms.

Night sweats can be extremely uncomfortable and may even be related to depression or trouble sleeping.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some ways to help with night sweats and share our favourite pajamas for night sweats. 

Understanding Night Sweats 

Many people sweat during the night. You may sweat during the night if the temperature in the room is too hot or if your bedding is too warm.

However, if you sweat so much that your pajamas and bedding become soaking wet, even when your bedroom is cool, then it’s probably night sweats.

Both adults and children can get night sweats.

Night sweats are usually not a serious problem but they can make sleeping very uncomfortable.

For those with eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions, excessive sweat can also trigger a flare up.

What Causes Night Sweats? 

There are a few different reasons why you may be experiencing night sweats. For women, one of the main reasons may be menopause or ‘hot flashes.

Other common reasons include anxiety, low blood sugar, or other medical conditions like infections and cancer. They may also be a side effect of medication such as antidepressants, hormone treatments, and opioids.

The Best Cool Pajamas for Night Sweats 

There’s no doubt that night sweats can disrupt your sleep and be extremely uncomfortable. That’s why we recommend wearing moisture wicking pajamas for night sweats. Doing so will help combat excessive sweating and prevent chafing or sweaty irritation.

Here are some of our favourite cooling pajamas for night sweats:

Remedywear™ Long Sleeve Shirt for Adults: This long-sleeve shirt is made with TENCEL and embedded with anti-inflammatory zinc oxide. The stretchy and form-fitting material stays put without rubbing or sliding out of place.

Remedywear™ Pants for Adults: These legging-like pants are perfect for wearing underneath regular clothing during the day or alone as pajamas. The gentle fabric is extremely breathable, making them comfortable to wear all day or night long. 

Remedywear™ Long Sleeve Shirt for KidsLittle ones will love this gentle shirt that protects the arms, stomach, chest and back. Not only does it protect the skin from irritants, but it also boosts the healing process. 

Remedywear™ Long Pants for KidsFeaturing antibacterial and anti-microbial properties, these form-fitting pants protect the legs, knees, and buttocks. They’re perfect for wearing as pajamas to keep the skin cool. 


Different Ways to Prevent Night Sweats 

Certain lifestyle changes can help you prevent or reduce night sweats. You may want to give these a try:

  • Avoid using tobacco or drugs 
  • Sleep in a cool environment 
  • Limit consumption of alcohol and caffeine 
  • Avoid eating spicy food, especially if you have menopause