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Manuka honey

"Such a great moisturizer for my hands and body. Very soothing for the skin and easy to spread! Great product!" Dr. Elizabeth Houshmand, Dermatology

"As a pediatrician who specializes in holistic medicine and children with eczema, I have to admit that this is one of the most effective, cleanest and gentlest healing products I have used and loved. My patients and I love it." Dr. Nelli Gluzman, Pediatrics

"I am hoarding it, not even sharing because I LOVE IT that much!⁣ I’m using it on (my daughter's) heat rash, my keratosis pilaris (very NICE), my face, (my daughter's) couple of cuts from living the life of a toddler. In winter, we’ll pivot to use it on dry skin and the occasional eczema that can crop up on us both."⁣ Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, Naturopathy

"I really enjoyed the Organic Manuka Skin Soothing Cream. My husband has psoriasis and found it to be very helpful in areas where you can’t use steroids chronically. He has already ordered another one." Dr. Cindy Wassef, Dermatology

"This cream helped my children’s keratosis pilaris so much. As a pediatrician I’ve tried many products- and this is at the top of the list. I highly recommend it for sensitive skin!"  Dr. Megan Galaske, Pediatrics 

"My new go to eczema cream to recommend to patients! I am a Naturopathic doctor who focuses on skin conditions, and I have always struggled to find a clean, safe, and effective topical for my patients with eczema and other skin issues. I started using this cream because the constant hand washing and hand sanitizer use caused my eczema to flare again, especially on my hands. I couldn't believe the relief this cream provided and how quickly the eczema seemed to completely disappear. Since then, I've been recommending it to all of my affected patients, and they all seem to be loving it as well!" Dr. Nikka Kanani, Naturopathy

Washable face mask

"I have a feeling we are going to need to wear masks going forward for quite some time, and at the very least intermittently for the foreseeable future. I have been searching for a comfortable, good looking, and functional mask that I can use every day. With this mask, my search has ended! Lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and antibacterial! This is everything I wanted in a mask. I also love that it has ties rather than elastic bands. This allows me to adjust it perfectly and I can leave both knotted and use it almost like an elastic band. My ears are actually sore from the masks that wrap around them, so I definitely don’t want that, although you can tie these straps so that they do hook around your ears as well if you wish. This is the mask that I have been looking for!" Dr. Peter Lio, Dermatology

"Mask material is so soft and lightweight, did not irritate my skin and such a nice pink! Highly recommend!" Dr. Elizabeth Houshmand, Dermatology

"As a pediatrician, who has sensitive skin and treats kids with eczema holistically, I recommend this incredibly healing, protective, and comfortable mask for all my young patients. I even got them for myself and my child. In a world of great mask options, this is pure magic." Dr. Nelli Gluzman, Pediatrics

"I don’t usually leave reviews, but these masks surpassed my expectations! The fabric is super soft, and the fit is snug but not suffocating. The material is breathable and holds moisture very well! The mask does not smell or have residue at the end of the day. They also look pretty cute on which is a plus!" Dr. Joanna Jaros, Dermatology

"Soft, breathable and great for acne-prone skin. Easy to wash. 5 stars!" Dr. Anna Land, Dermatology 

"I love the masks and have recommended them to many of my friends! They are so soft and I feel protected." Dr. Nazanin Saedi, Dermatology 

"Best masks out there for those with eczema prone skin!" Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky Pollock, Dermatology 

I love this Remedywear Face Mask! It is so soft, comfortable and doesn’t lead to irritation. The breathable TENCEL and antimicrobial zinc fabric has made this mask especially useful given the rise of maskne we are seeing. I have been recommending for so many of my patients with acne, eczema or sensitive skin who have been so happy to find a mask that won’t worsen their skin!" Dr. Marisa Garshick, Dermatologist  

"Best mask for sensitive and acne prone skin! I have been struggling with acne related to wearing a mask all day at work. I'm also experiencing redness and just overall irritation from the material of the masks. This was until I tried the Remedywear face mask. It's so soft and comfortable. It allows me to breathe, doesn't cause any pain behind my ears, and most importantly, both my acne and my redness and irritation are almost nonexistent since I switched to this mask. I highly recommend it!!" Dr. Nikka Kanani, Naturopathy