perioral dermatitis - woman holding hand over mouth

How to Treat Perioral Dermatitis

Perioral dermatitis appears as a red, bumpy, or scaly rash around the mouth. Discover how to treat perioral dermatitis naturally, as well as simple lifestyle changes you can make to improve your skin condition.
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Have you noticed a dry and bumpy rash around your mouth? If so, it could be perioral dermatitis. This inflammatory rash is a fairly common condition, more likely to occur in women between 16 and 45 years old. In this post, we’ll cover the symptoms and causes of the condition, as well as how to treat perioral dermatitis naturally

What Does Perioral Dermatitis Look Like? 

Perioral dermatitis appears as a red, bumpy, or scaly rash around the mouth. In fact, it can look similar to acne or rosacea.

Usually the rash will look inflamed, with the surrounding skin appearing pink or red. The bumps usually form a ring around the mouth and may even affect the folds of the nose.

If the rash worsens, you may notice a burning or stinging sensation. In some cases the small bumps may even contain a clear, fluid discharge

Causes of Perioral Dermatitis

Like all forms of eczema, the cause of perioral dermatitis is unknown. However, researchers believe it is linked to the use of topical steroids.

Other possible causes include strong winds, UV light, hormonal changes, an allergic reaction such as irritation caused by a skincare product, birth control pills, sunscreen, and constant drooling. Nasal sprays containing corticosteroids may also cause perioral dermatitis.

It's important to note that perioral dermatitis is not contagious

How to Treat Perioral Dermatitis

Sadly, there is no cure for perioral dermatitis, however, there are ways to treat and manage symptoms. When choosing skincare products, we cannot stress enough the importance of using natural products with non-GMO ingredients.

When treating perioral dermatitis in particular, it’s essential to stop using topical steroids as these may worsen the condition over time and may even lead to topical steroid withdrawal

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At-Home Remedies 

In addition to the products listed above, here are some simple lifestyle changes you can make to improve your skin condition or prevent it in the first place:

  • Be selective with which makeup products you use, taking care to avoid any harmful ingredients. Always read labels carefully.
  • Wash your pillowcases and towels regularly 
  • Avoid using harsh face scrubs or fragranced cleansers. Mild, natural products are best.
  • Protect your skin from the sun, heat, and strong winds.
  • Stop using steroid creams 
  • Gently pat dry your face to avoid aggravating symptoms by rubbing it with a towel.
  • Watch what you eat: certain foods such as dairy, gluten, and citrus fruits can lead to flare ups. In particular, spicy or salty foods can irritate the area around the mouth.