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How to Heal from Eczema Scars

Relentless scratching can sometimes lead to scarring, especially if the skin cracks or bleeds. Let’s take a closer look at how to heal eczema scars in our post below.
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From seborrheic dermatitis to atopic dermatitis, there are several different types of eczema. While the different types each have defining characteristics that set them apart from one another, one common symptom with an eczema flare up is intense itchiness. 

So does eczema leave scars? Unfortunately, relentless scratching can sometimes lead to an eczema scar, especially if the skin cracks or bleeds. Let’s take a closer look at how to heal eczema scars in our post below. 

Scarring from Eczema 

Eczema scarring is caused by the repeated abrasion of scratching the affected area. It can be a distressing side-effect of this inflammatory skin condition, with many people feeling self-conscious about the scar tissue marks left behind. That being said, scarring can be hard to prevent, especially when the urge to itch is so strong. 

Unfortunately, scratching only perpetuates the feelings of itchiness, leading to the vicious itch-scratch cycle. In addition to causing physical damage to the skin barrier known as lichenification (patches of thick, leathery skin), scratching also heightens inflammation and increases the risk of infection. 

How to Get Rid of Scarring from Eczema

The severity of eczema scarring affects whether or not the scarring will go completely away or not. With the right products and changes in lifestyle to avoid triggers, it’s likely that light scarring will disappear over time. If scarring is dark and deep, however, the best option may be to simply lighten the scarring and use make-up to cover up the rest.  Next, you can try a natural remedy for eczema scars.

How to Heal Scars from Eczema Naturally 

What is the best remedy for eczema scars? Depending on the degree of severity, treating eczema scars ranges in difficulty. The key points are to hydrate the skin in order to prevent scratching, lichenification, and skin cracks. Fortunately, there are plenty of home remedies one can use to minimize the appearance of eczema scars and prevent new ones from forming. Bear in mind that everyone’s skin is unique and while one technique may work for others, it might not necessarily be effective for you. 


We recommend this Organic Manuka Skin Soothing Cream because it’s highly effective at replenishing the skin’s moisture as it’s full of emollients. Made with just six all-natural ingredients, this creamy, oil-based balm is the best cream for eczema scars without any burning or stinging. What sets it apart from other creams is that it contains Manuka Honey — a more concentrated form of honey that has supreme antibacterial properties.  Its wound-healing abilities make it perfect for boosting the regeneration of tissue and improving scar appearance. 

We do not recommend bleaching cream for eczema scars because they contain harsh chemicals.

Prevent Scratching

To prevent eczema scars, this is a big one and unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. Despite your best intentions, you may even be scratching unknowingly during the night. To prevent scratching and protect your skin from skin infections, we recommend wearing eczema gloves for adults and kidsFeaturing natural moisture-wicking properties, they’re comfortable to wear for hours at a time without any sweaty irritation or chafing. Enjoy their soft, breathable fabric that truly fits like a second skin. 

You might also want to check out some eczema-friendly clothing. Made with eco-friendly TENCEL and embedded with anti-inflammatory zinc fibers, they were specially designed to combat the urge to scratch

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Oatmeal helps to soothe itchy skin and diminish the appearance of scars over time. Depending on the severity of your scars, you can take an oatmeal bath at least twice a day for at least 30 minutes. Simply blend two cups of ground oatmeal into fine powder to avoid clogging your drain. Be sure to use lukewarm water as opposed to hot. 

Aloe Vera:

It’s no secret that aloe vera does wonders for improving the skin’s appearance. Known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can help to both treat itchy eczema symptoms and lighten the red or dark scars left behind. 

If you don’t have an aloe vera product, you can apply aloe vera extract directly to the affected area of your skin and gently rub it in. Simply cut the leaf, squeeze out the gel and apply it to the affected area within 2 minutes to prevent the skin from drying out. The plant can be found in most health stores and supermarkets.

Now you know the answer to "can eczema cause scars?" The answer is yes, but with the right tools and habits, they are preventable.