Remedywear: Sustainability & Ethics

Remedywear is committed to making sustainable, natural products for eczema and other skin conditions. Our products are environmentally-friendly and responsibly-made.

We use eco-friendly natural fabrics that are created in a closed loop process, meaning all resources and byproducts can either be reused or broken down, drastically reducing the amount of waste, including water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. This means a better infrastructure and rigorous manufacturing process.

Raw Materials

Our main fiber, TENCEL™ (a premium brand of lyocell), is made in Germany from wood pulp from renewable beech forests. None of the wood from these fibers come from endangered forests or controversial sources. The pulp production:

  • Follows strict European forestry regulations.
  • Comes from renewable forest land in Europe, especially Germany.
  • Travels short delivery distances, lowering carbon emissions.
natural products for eczema

Cellulose extracted from the wood pulp forms into a smooth fiber called lyocell, we use TENCEL™ brand. 99.5% of all the solvent used to create TENCEL™ gets reused. This fiber has won numerous awards and certifications including:

  • European Ecolabel
  • Panda Award (WWF Austria)
  • European Award for the Environment
  • PEFC Chain of Custody Certification

Our other fiber, German produced Smartcel™ Sensitive, is a special TENCEL™ fiber with zinc particles embedded directly into the fabric. The additional steps in this textile’s manufacturing process also meet the highest award-winning standards as TENCEL™.

When our fibers are spun into thread, all waste is collected and used to produce ecological recycled yarn. Nothing is lost!

Garment Production

Remedywear garments are made in Portugal using at least 80% renewable energy, primarily wind, hydroelectric, and thermal energy. In addition, fair trade regulations, excellent working conditions, safety protocols, and employee benefits are observed throughout the entire production process.

All final garments receive a careful three-step 100% quality control inspection to ensure we ship only the highest quality natural products for eczema to our customers.

Product Packaging

We use zero plastic in any part of our packaging. Our hangtags and boxes are made from 100% recycled paper that is FCS certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, a global not-for-profit organization that sets standards for what is a responsibly managed forest, both environmentally and socially with the mission to have “Forests For All Forever.”

We ask that you reuse our boxes when possible and at the end of their use, please recycle them.

Clothing tags are made of 100% recycled cotton, and we use the bare minimum number of tags on our products.

We are proud to offer products that begin and end production in Europe ensuring our clothing does not travel vast distances, which lowers carbon emissions. From sourcing to manufacturing to producing, finishing, and packaging our clothes to each of our customers, we adhere to high ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly, and fair trade labor standards.

logos for recycling FSC and PEFC