Is Sunflower Oil Good for Skin?

Is Sunflower Oil Good for Skin?

Discover the many benefits of sunflower oil for all skin types, including dry, oily, acne-prone, and normal.

Sunflowers are more than just beautiful, bright, yellow flowers. Their nutrient-rich seeds actually contain oil which offers a variety of benefits to the skin.

In fact, sunflower oil has been a key ingredient in skincare products around the world for hundreds of years. From offering anti-aging benefits to calming redness, there are so many sunflower oil skin benefits. Read on to learn more. 

It's Ultra Hydrating

One of the best things about sunflower oil is that it makes the perfect moisturizer. Because it contains linoleic acid, it helps the skin retain water which helps hydrate and smooth skin. It's also particularly beneficial to people who have dry skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. 

Helps to Unclog Pores

Sunflower oil is non-comedogenic and highly absorbent. This means that it won’t clog pores but will keep the skin feeling smooth and nourished. In fact, sunflower oil can actually help to unclog pores by clearing them of dead skin cells. Most people find it a non-irritating natural solution which makes it a great choice for all skin types, including dry, acne-prone, normal, and oily. If you’re looking for a revitalized and glowing appearance, definitely give sunflower oil a try. 

Has Anti-Aging Benefits 

Sunflower oil contains vitamin E which gives it powerful antioxidant properties. This helps protect the skin from free radicals and the harmful effects of the sun.

If you want to protect your skin from premature aging and wrinkles, we highly recommend sunflower oil. After all, who doesn’t want younger and fresher looking skin? 

It’s Rich in Antioxidants

In addition to vitamin E, sunflower oil also contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin D. These protective antioxidants help shield the skin from environmental stressors that can damage the skin or cause premature fine lines and wrinkles. 

Gentle on Sensitive Skin

As a natural skincare company, we’re all about natural ingredients that are soothing, calming, and gentle for even the most sensitive skin. Sunflower oil ticks all the boxes. Free from nasty chemicals or toxins, there’s a reason this natural botanical is commonly found in clean beauty products.

It’s also known for its ability to soothe irritated skin, provide protection, and hydrate dryness, plus it works well for all skin types. In addition, it can even help reduce redness in eczema-prone or dry skin. 

It Protects the Skin 

A great thing about sunflower oil is that it provides a protective barrier on the skin. This helps keep the skin clean from dirt, toxins, and other environmental stressors.

The presence of linoleic acid also helps to protect the face from bacteria and germs. So if itchy eczema causes the skin to crack or bleed, sunflower oil can reduce the risk of infection

How to Use Sunflower Oil

There are a few ways you can reap the benefits of sunflower oil. One way is by applying an organic, cold-pressed sunflower oil directly to your skin and gently massaging it in until it’s completely absorbed.

If you plan on using sunflower oil on your face, be sure to be careful around the eyes as this can temporarily cause blurred vision. 

You can also find sunflower oil in our Coconut and Sunflower Oil Soap Bar. This fatty cleanser and moisturizer contains just 3 ingredients: coconut oil, sunflower oil, and shea butter. The result is a gentle and nourishing lather that will leave your skin feeling soothed, soft and supple. Without any added fragrance or perfume, it offers a light clean smell that you’ll love.

Feel free to use it as a hand soap throughout the day or as a full body soap from head to toe. It’s even gentle enough to use on the delicate skin of little ones.